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Suggested Works


Suggested Works
Contributed ideas for artists to work on should they wish.
Thank you everyone who has contributed to these ideas and of course further suggestions are always welcome.

Comic stories, plays (These could be presented as plain text, MP3s or even AVI style.)

Interviews with or meetings between famous world-stage leaders of government, business, etc. Conversation starting with excitement of progress and profit, eventually careering to it's logical conclusion of what's really happening to the world.

"Stand-up" comedy routines pointing out our foibles and even some ideas on to how to improve things.

Satirical Comic Strips (once done in the artists preferred medium, these can easily be scanned as digital files)

For a lasting impression, art wins hands down. We're looking for artists to create some simple simple one frame comic strips. Realism, style and aesthetics are of little importance but impact is - they need to arrest attention and convey the idea in little more than a single glance. The single frame comic strip has great appeal and accessability but an human interest organisation welcomes activist art of all mediums with open arms. Here's a brief outline of ideas we've come up with, of course we're open to further ideas.

picture of a set of credit cards with arms, maybe legs and faces too although that might not be so important. the credit cards have puppeteers crosses with strings going down to human beings, controlling them to do some outlandish things like making bombs, shooting people, dumping toxic waste, etc, whatever can be fit into one comic strip frame.

picture of an altar in a church-like setting with the cross replaced with the medical sword and serpents done up to look like a sword and dollar sign. Some kind of rich doctors doing a ritual sacrifice of an obviously very poor child.

picture of a wallet done up as a person, maybe arms, legs and face, but obviously a wallet. The wallet is lying on a medical bed, linked up to a life-support system. The life support system has a wheel on it with a fan-belt linking it to a treadmill, with lots of poor people running the treadmill and obviously having a pretty grim time of it.

In a similar vien, from Peter (The Rock) Gossner:

Wallet and credit card in bed having a post coital cig ?
Wallet goes metro ... queer eye for a full wallet
Credit card in makeup parlour
Tarot card of the hanged man with advertising exec shaking the credit cards out of the unfortunate chaps pockets. (add some little TV exec gremlins fetching the goodies for the exec.)
Private education admin types signing up the babies at the maternity section, from the window of the Bimmer or something.
Corporations as cash sinks (aka gravity sinks / whirlpool / einstein like)
Herd of wallets and credit cards waiting to be milked at the Mall .... Moo :)

Activist artists, their critics, patrons and audience planning to participate, please contact us at:

p l k @ h u m a n - i n t e r e s t . o r g