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Adrian Would

Medium: Multi-instrumentalist singer/Song-writer, comic and all-round consumate thought-provoking entertainer.
Experience: Veteran of festivals, community events, theatre and opera projects, occasional recordings and professional musician.
Works: As presented here.
Contact: , Mobile: 0408 196 274.
Quote of the year:

"I want to die this morning, but Adrian's concert is on this afternoon, so I'll put it off till later!"

26/11/2004, 92 y.o. nursing home resident.

Adrian Woodhouse is a Melbourne singer songwriter with many hats to wear. He runs a business performing old jazz tunes on mandolin in Melbourne nursing homes, hospitals, and senior citizens centres. He performs originals at festivals and community music events, and occasionally records CDs, putting to use his skills in playing guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums, and vocals, and often utilising the talents of musical family members. He has had major roles in many theatre projects over the past ten years, the latest being a chorus member of Melbourne Opera Company's 'Rigoletto', which was performed to packed houses at Her Majesty's Theatre in June 2004. The content of his original material has afforded him several opportunities for public speaking on topics of alternative masculinity and spirituality, an avenue he hopes to take further in future.


CD Single - Adrian Would: "Tree Hugn Hippie"

Inspired by people's stereotypical reaction to his dreadlocked hair and free-spirited persona, 'Tree Hugn Hippie' is a song of self definition, written "to dispel the myths of what you think I might be" A humorous, yet serious summary of the life and principles of a true nature lover and purist. Followed by 'Plenty', the fertility song, an honouring of nature and the awesome powers of the universe (It worked - Adrian's partner Rachael is due to have their first baby in December 2004!)


EP - Adrian Would: 'Beauty Comes From the Inside' (avail mid Dec 2004).

Dominated by jazz style mandolin, this CD is an assortment of Adrian.s swing tunes with appearances from many friends and family members.

Tk 1: 'Best For You', tracks the changes of perspective from the eyes of a young boy, a middle aged man, and an old man. This song was inspired by the battle of Adrian.s father (Jim) with old age and serious illness, and has stunning vocal performances from Jim, Adrian.s nephew (Christopher), and Adrian himself.

Tk 2: 'Beauty Comes From the Inside', big vocal and brass arrangements, on emerging and reaching hidden potential.

Tk 3: 'When You're Small', light-hearted ragtime jazz, with mandolin, melodica, flute, and tapdancing!

Tk 4: 'Once Again the People', a melancholic reaction to the election results in both Australia and America, addressing local issues of Tassie's forests, reconciliation, refugees, and unjustified war. A song that came about from the realisation that people who care about life on earth are seemingly a minority group in the Western world.

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