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Small Sample of Adrian Woodhouse's Repetoire

Conjour the impression of being slapped in the face with a downy feather and you'll have a sense of Adrian's outrageously intense spirituality. Waxing from sympathetic admonishment to baroque engraved invitations to re-engage in Life, often simultaneously, Adrian through his music reminds us how to feel and provides some signposts for those of us who have forgotten what is worth feeling for. He has kindly granted a portion of his material for download.

The Open Road (editor's stolen draft)


Adrian isn't like most dissenters, he couldn't be if he tried. It would be too easy to just winge about whats happening in the world, but that's not his style. In 'The Open Road' Adrian unites with us, in our distress at what we see, in our shame for allowing it to happen, and in our hope to make ammends and so return to the bounteous providence that was intended for us all. An hopefull pause to reflect.

Free Like Me


When you've decided what your journey's about, you no longer have any need for dragging an whole lot of baggage around with you. So travel light, drop the heavy stuff and fly.



Suffer not a witch to live.

Just Like Sex


Matter over mind - a gymnasium for the soul - the body. Relish it.

Tree Hugn Hippie


The "Tree Hugn Hippie" reminds us of the infinite possible responses to all the glorious opportunities Life offers. Confronting us with our own accquiessence to the stereotypical, he invites a re-evaluation of our own lives in case we've mindlessly slotted them into the fashionable niche provided.

Once Again The People


Results of the penultimate elections of those united states and their latest member province, Australia, inspired mixed reactions from those who care about their fellow creature, ranging from frustrated anger to hysterical cynacism. These last elections for both governments sounded a little like the last nail in the coffin, as if nothing really mattered much anymore, and that there is no point discussing it any further. In "Once Again The People", Adrian stirs those of us still shell-shocked from our daze with a few pointers to get back on track again, and to start refreshing that sense of solidarity we need to work together.

Beauty Comes from the Inside!


"Beauty comes from the Inside" is an exhuberant invitation to step outside our shell and develop and share our individiual gifts for the benefit of ourselves and the world around us. A truly "feel-good" anthem.

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