You’ll sleep well tonight

Written about a girl that was sitting in front of me at this concert I went to. Where one of my favourite bands were for some reason the support act for a band that is extremely marketed and aimed at the easily influenced. She honestly didn't understand the band I was there for, and I honestly understood the marketing strategies for the band she was there for. I kind of have a picture in my head that this girl is the representative for everything that is wrong with people.

Can’t sit still
Why not choose to be me?
Don’t you understand my life?
Not the norm, not a sheep
Photocopy a page from their book
You’ve cut off the edges, misinterpreted the way
What are the names of your phones?
Cancer in your self, ulterior motives

Take a page from their book
Reading books?
Your pseudo-intellectual phase
Can you read between the lines?
Tell me of the plot; tell me it was ‘good’

You resemble a neglected house pet
Remember that rock?
Eat the shit above you, not knowing what it is

Like an impaled worm
Misguide your fist into the air at random beats
Do you feel it?
The intensity of the situation, steal the others joy
Don’t embrace your own, not a cool thing to do
Where would it come from?

Never heard of it?
Flail your joints in an attempt to connect
Do you have a spine?
Can you think to use it?
You are the epitome of unco-ordination
The crux of my frustration

Is your empty glare when you turn to face me
Keep looking
What are you doing?

Your ‘friend’ is ringing
Forget your display of ineptitude
Be quick to answer the call
It might be a flame
It might be a ‘loser who’s acting lame’
It might allow you to blather
It might be a new trend
It might kill your self-assurance, mindless banter.

It might be your mum
The uncool dad
It might lead to your legs
It may be a white flag

Tighten your hair tight
Flick the damn thing
Do you have a book on decency?

Legs the size of trees
Your cloth was marketed towards kids who’re three
How come you eyes are so blind?

How come you can’t see?
No one cares what you have to say, or wish to wear
Tell me about feminist, animal, and human rights
You’re a caring person, who is well aware
You understand the world

You’re so smart to realise these truths
Take off your fur boots, and put on some shoes

Put on some clothes
Fill the entire pew
Eat your vegetables
Arrest my view

All my life who am I?

Listen to the shit that was written about you
Indulge in yourself
Feel sorry for yourself
Do all you can to fight this cruel and unforgiving world
Whinge, cry, throw your emotions into New York
You’ll fit into the place to be

Keep dancing, keep faking your path
Swim with your trees
Flail your knees
Make a forgettable mark

No longer can I stand the sight
Pretend to kill yourself to the sound
You’ll sleep well tonight

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