David Leonard

Medium: Short stories, poetry, and a novel in the works
Experience: A couple of large medical procedure copy typing jobs, and recently starting doing interviews for 'The Buzz Magazine'
Works: rarely

David Leonard grasps the bars of peoples' cages and gives them a thorough rattling, reminding us all to be cozy and contented with our mindless dogma of a life at our own peril. With commentary ranging from the snide through to hyperbole tackling the everyday stuff of Life most of us take for granted, David doesn't leave much to the imagination, managing to do it with heart and tongue veritably nailed to his cheek.

More than a merely few moments of mirth, the ideas David leaves you with are just irritating enough to make you think without making you want to bury your head in the sand again.

Read: Poem: Running Man

Read: Poem: You'll Sleep Well Tonight

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