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The Tribulation

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"Humanity is born to trouble
As surely as sparks fly upward".
How can this be, Lord,
When you are a God of infinite love?

Yet it was You who said
That in this life we would have tribulation,
And profoundly described the coming terror.
"Birth pains" You called it.
Birth of what?

You named the cause of all the woe.
In grave error we give the blame to You
That should be elsewhere shifted.
The Anointed Cherub who once
Craved Your power,
Expunged and banished from heaven,
Together with his minions,
Roams on Earth.
To deceive. To despoil. To devour.

You permit this mischief
But restrain it within boundaries.
For it is through suffering
That you grab our vain attention
And remind us of our frailty.
You invite us to seek you out,
To know You intimately.
Then true and deepest joy within
Invades our pain.

When we see the Earth tremble,
The sun and moon darkened by conflagration so terrible
That if not cut short no one would survive,
Then we know that the last trumpet
Will deafeningly sound
And You will return.
Not as babe to suffer yet again,
But as Lord of Lords
To claim Your own
And wed them.

This present Age of warfare will end.
A New Age will indeed birth.
You will bring Heaven to Earth.
Divine Lover with Blessed Bride.
And all will see!!!

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