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The Rapture

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Millennia ago, when conquerors returned from battle,
Crowds rushed beyond safe city gates
To greet the victor.
Great their adulation of the hero!
Extreme their rapture at his success and power! So it will be,
When You come for Your own.
Supreme rapture for those who fly to meet You!
For the dead in Christ
Will rise first,
And those still living on the Earth
Who eagerly await Your Coming,
Will be caught up, together with them,
To meet You in the clouds!!

Sheer astonishment will be the experience,
Both for those ascending
And for those who remain, bereft, behind!
For in that climate of groaning
And earthly conflagration
That You foretold,
Death will be welcomed
As friend.

But as for the redeemed, the transformed,
Those who in the twinkling of an eye
Receive their resurrection bodies----
Ecstasy unimaginable
Will be their inheritance!
The ransomed Bride,
Eternally rewarded for having made the choice
To open the door of her heart
To the Divine Lover.

Gone reviling and stigma!
Gone persecution and torture!
Gone martyrdom!

Then, when You descend
Glorious in Your Majesty and Power
And bring Your rule of love to Earth,
The Beloved will be joined to You
Forever in intimacy,

King of Kings and Lord of Lords!
Rapture indeed!!

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