Anti Racist
Action Band

(A.R.A.B dancers performing at the 5th International Women's Health Conference)

Medium: Performing Arts
Experience: Regular performers at conferences, awards, educational and community events.
Works: Yallah Shabiba!
Contact: Kate Gillick at Victorian Arabic Social Services on 9359 3670
P.O. Box 118 Fawkner, 3060


A.R.A.B, the Anti Racism Action Band is run by the Victorian Arabic Social Services. It is a unique, high energy community development youth performing arts project currently working with 100 youth from 30 different cultures in the North and North West of Melbourne.

Through the teaching and performing of a hybrid of rap, beat box, Derbakki (Arabic drumming), spoken word, belly dance, hip hop, video and comic monologue A.R.A.B aims to increase confidence, self esteem and challenge racism and gang culture in the region. Since it began in 2004, A.R.A.B has worked with approximately 170 youth and performed at 43 community and public events to over 8,600 people (a large percentage of these being a youth audience).
Upcoming Performance: 'Yalla Shabiba!'

A high energy narrative about race and the universality of friendship told through a hybrid of rap, beat box, Derbakki, spoken word, belly dance, hip hop, video and comic monologue. Yallah Shabiba!, a not to be missed show will be performed to large audiences in school halls, gymnasiums and Town Halls from the 1st to the 5th of August 2005.

Venues and Dates

1/8/05 - Broadmeadows Lower Town Hall, (Hume Winter Music Festival).

2/8/05 - Box Forest Secondary College

4/8/05 - Lakeside Secondary College Hall, Radford St Reservoir.

5/8/05 - Broadmeadows Secondary College, Blair St Broadmeadows (Hume Winter Music Festival).

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