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Possessed of the Least Knowledge
Home to a community of artists offering food for thought;
reminding humans of their rights, responsibilities and potential.


A.R.A.B - performing arts

Jo-Anne Bianchi - visual artist, poet, thespian, singer/songwriter

Cindy Chen - visual artist, poet, thespian, singer/songwriter

"Josh" - Musician, poet and visual artist

Juan Cortes - visual artist

Maz Gill-Harper - mixed media semi-abstract Christian artist.

David Leonard - poet and writer

Matthew Morris - Sculptor, musician and architectural designer

Shane Pullen - singer/songwriter gently tugging at the social conscience

Skeet - singer/songwriter, critic

Adrian Woodhouse - singer/songwriter, comic, consumate thought-provoking entertainer.


Skeet - singer/songwriter, social critic

Album review: "Animals" by Pink Floyd

Activist artists, their critics, patrons and audience planning to participate, please contact us at:

p l k @ h u m a n - i n t e r e s t . o r g

Activist Art
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United States Censorship, painting courtesy of the Lilith Gallery of Toronto.

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Art Express

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